Sans ochre robes, dhanda-wielding or kamandalu-sporting

Neither wandering in jungles nor self-defacing in penance of fire

Or denouncing this mundane world as utter disillusion and

Never hurting others of different sects and faiths, but assertively

Exemplifying through thy arduous practice in day-to- day life

that“Selfless service to humanity is enough for God realization”

Vanquishing our darkness of ignorance and

Shining our world with thy light of wisdom thou art

Embodiment of Sathya Gnana Anantha Brahma Athmanandam

True expression of Paramahamsa Parivrajaka dharma

We pray to Almighty, let long live thine Divine Providence And

thine Benevolent Presence amongst us mortals

Thus by your ever flowing Divine Grace we too thrive.