Man looks for the essence in things and beings, and the quintessence of spiritual reality behind all, the sacred truth of all phenomena, and above all truth of the Truth. Thathaji’s whole life, which is a voluminous spiritual biography, speaks and stands for that Truth. The vastness of His Soul is beyond comprehension of the ordinary. Through his long and austere course of penance initiated by his Guru Maharaj, Thathaji has asserted that:

1. The direct unmediated knowledge of the Absolute Reality is also identical with the illuminated consciousness of the spiritual unity of man and the universe;

2. It is the core of all religious disciplines as enunciated by Rishis, Sages and Prophets who visualised and gave expression to the great Truth co- eternal with GOD, the Creator; and

3. It is proclaimed with unshaken faith that all apparent diversions of our experiences are ultimately nothing but Sath-Chith- Anandam. Thatha Gnana Babaji’s whole life is a clear manifestation of the working of that philosophy of the highest order and a crystal clear self-expression of a Great Soul thoroughly impregnated with the Divine Energy, which is dynamic in its character and equally operative in the whole cosmic process as well as in every unit of energy that we all are and in every unit of phenomenal existence, the difference being one of degree and not of essence of kind. Our Thathaji Maharaj, kindles this Divine Power, by His limitless Benevolence, abundant Compassion and boundless Humaneness.